Mediator and Attorney.  (406) 755-1958.  Mediations and Settlement Conferences throughout the State of Montana.  Helping individuals and businesses resolve legal disputes out of court, saving time and money.


The Mediation Process

 Vanessa uses a proven conflict resolution process to help all involved parties discover the steps they can take to achieve fair, mutually beneficial solutions and outcomes, saving the costs associated with protracted litigation.  Private party mediation and court-ordered settlement conferences are the most common alternative dispute resolution processes conducted by Vanessa. 


Sessions & Conferences

Mediation sessions and settlement conferences are scheduled based upon the nature and complexity of your situation and the legal issues involved. Two-hour private party mediation sessions, half-day and full-day settlement conferences are available. Initial consultations and other client appointments are usually scheduled for an hour. 


Consultations & Limited Scope Representation

Vanessa will meet with you to discuss and determine the best dispute resolution process available to ensure timely, cost-effective, successful and fair resolutions for your situation.  Vanessa shall limit the scope of her representation to properly address your specific legal needs. When appropriate, Vanessa will refer you to another legal professional for assistance.

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